Saturday, January 29, 2011

welcome message

dear internets!

first, let me welcome you to my blog, toy travel...thanks for hopping in! :)

as some of you may already knew, we are a mixed couple who met online, fell in love then eventually met in person (some years ago) and since we are still in love with each other, we decided to give it a go. initially, i called him Panda and he called me his Koala Bear. she was so much in love with him that he decided to one day transform herself into his own kind, the panda bear! so from then on, she is called the queen panda! :)

our objective is to do what we want to do in life — live, love and laugh!

part of that objective is to travel. and since his travel to Manila was exceptional, he proposed I would come up with some things about trips to Manila, Philippines and i’d be a tour guide. however, he only wants me to be his tour guide which I solemnly agreed to... so then, we decided to have a toy travel! 

in short, these travels will not be for you but for your toys! :)

yes, you read it right!

we want your toys (Panda Bear, Koala Bear, Teddy Bear, etc.) experience thrilla in Manila!!!


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